Thursday, 24 June 2010

One Week until Costa Ricaaa :-D

Wow, well I’m getting quite excited now, I’ve just passed my second year exams, have my flights booked, insurance and malaria stuff sorted, only two days of work left to go and a hell of a lot of stuff to sort out between now and next Thursday. Sooo I thought it might be an idea to write something here quickly to give an update on not a lot really. Seeming as I haven’t really done anything to show for myself, I thought I could report on my disorganisation with one week to go... Actually the idea of 17 hours on a plane is quite appealing, I won’t be able to move or do anything except sit, eat and rest – which probably won’t do me any harm! Well a lot has gone wrong with this trip but I haven’t given up and I’ve worked bloody hard for a very long time if I’m honest so I am really looking forward to it finally becoming real, everything seems to be coming together despite it all being very last minute. Since BUNAC pulling out two weeks ago I have had to find a host family and placement, luckily my lovely cousin has been extremely kind and helpful and gave me a contact in Costa Rica who seems to have found me a family and is going to give me some Spanish lessons so I am very excited and can’t believe I will nearly be meeting them all in just a week!! It doesn’t feel real at all and more to the point I am sort of in denial about how much I have to do between now and then, kind of like an assignment, the books sit in the corner while you think of everything else you can do to avoid them and the idea of actually starting the beasty piece of work, well aware of the immense work load that is an inevitable part of starting, well... just like the books my backpack is out of the cupboard and sat here looking at me, completely empty while I watch TV and ‘sort out my blog’. Tomorrow maybe I will fetch some more stuff from town and then maybe think about possibly starting to get organised. For now though I just wanted to say ONE WEEK TO GOOOO. Hasta Luego Amigos!!

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